Wanting more Love and Money and Happiness (Day 1)



Everything is interconnected and as such we have to look at the core issues and their origins.

And this means we have to be ready to knuckle down and do some self-honest reflection to do some serious shifting in the shadow aspects of our character and personality.

It means really listening to hear, being quiet to listen, being still to observe, and seeing to observe.  Learning to ask questions you’re ready to hear the answers to and understand them. Learning to feel okay with the dis-comfort the questions or answers might bring up in you.  Being prepared to do the inner work and home work.  Being open to seeing your life from a different perspective.

We all communicate through energy which is more powerful than words!

When I truly got to grips with my deep emotions, (energy) when I learned the language of my particular feelings, that’s when I turned a corner… and there was no looking back. I found I had a wonderful new path to follow.

If this interests you, Stay tuned for some new insights .

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