Reconnect with Authentic YOU

Heila Health

If you have an open mind, and a willingness to know another way of being, this may be a great starting point of change for you. Let’s reconnect your health with your Authentic YOU mentally, spiritually, emotionally, and physically.

with your Inner wealth Vitality Coach

Louise Wilson

What is it all about?

Welcome to Heila Health which means Light and Whole Health and peeling back the filters to reveal and refresh the light within us.

Life, events, the nature of the world we live in now has determined that new ways of approaching difficulties need to be explored.

We need to understand and work with the energetics of the energies presenting to us. In other words, the vibe around you, and from you. I can assist you in realigning your energies and re-discovering your unique and authentic self, so you can feel grounded, happy and empowered.

I want to help you raise the vibration of you and with your world which in turn will help those around you and the planet you are living on, with all her sentient beings, whether they are rocks, plants, ants, animals or people.  Because in the bigger scheme of  life, we are all connected and everyone else has an effect on everyone else.

The I.N.S.I.G.H.T. Method

In her work with clients, Louise uses a very unique and intuitive “I.N.S.I.G.H.T.” method. Each letter in the acronym represents part of how it works:

IInitial Discussion: Starts with discussing the health, emotional, and mental issues that brought the clients to Louise.

NNurturing Energy Tuning: With the client’s permission, Louise tunes into their energies, subconscious, and spirit.

SStructured Inquiry: Louise asks structured questions that lead to digging deeper into the client’s story while tuning into the energy.

IIntuitive Sensing: Uses intuitive abilities to sense energetic blocks in clients, detecting misalignments and areas needing investigation.

GGuided Signals: Louise’s body acts as a sensor, with signals like yawns, burps, and bodily sensations indicating focus areas.

HHealing Awareness: Brings subconscious issues and roots of physical symptoms to the client’s conscious awareness.

TTransformative Techniques: Techniques like visualization and tapping are used, enabling clients to perform their own healing work.

This acronym, I.N.S.I.G.H.T., reflects the comprehensive and intuitive approach Louise uses to help clients achieve breakthroughs in their healing journey.

Clearing Energy Blocks

The physical pain you are experiencing is usually a result of a serious blockage in your energy flow. We can access and unravel the blockage to allow more ease and reduce the pain as a result of this deep energy work.

Tools and Techniques

As we work together, I will teach you some very practical and easy-to-apply tools and practices that you can do daily to get more balanced and release anxiety,  stress and worrying that comes with every day life’s challenges.

Clearing Your Space

We will asses how the energy moves in your home and environment around you and see what may be blocking your abundance and need to be adjusted and cleared to allow more goodness in your life, work and to your family.

FREE Instant Relief & Rebalancing Exercise

Remove anxiety, panic attacks, worrying in just a few breaths

This breathing technique is perfect for when you really need an instant release from stress, but perhaps never managed to “get there” by just taking a deep breath. In this free 4-minutes video I will teach you how to breathe in the way that is the most healing and immediately calming and rebalancing.

Is Energy Work for me?

This is a place to help you with any aspect of your life which doesn’t feel “healthy,” and hopefully, you will find something here to inspire, motivate, find a solution or idea because when you can be in love with life, you are happy, inspired, creative, motivated, at peace and contented, in spite of  circumstances or events playing around you. You are with whatever is happening around you, but not involved in it.

Of course one can’t be in this way 100% of the time because life is cyclical. However, I can help you start noticing when things go a bit ‘off’ before it is gone too far. We can then get back in touch with your inner self, re-align and re-balance quicker.

I want to show you the possibilities of viewing your life differently and being able to see life from a larger perspective, not just from the small ‘me’.   So I am going to introduce you to feeling and seeing different vibrations of people, the energy of what you present to the energy of spaces and things. I want to show you how a pre-conceived idea or belief holds you in a stuck place and how to become conscious of it and move it to a place of neutrality.

I want to egg you on to constant awareness of how you do life and the ‘consequences’ or rewards you see reflected back to you in better health, wellbeing and vitality.

How Can We Start?

Energy work is not a one-off event. It will require some time to explore and clear and allow you to adjust and process. Like peeling an onion, one layer after another, gently but intentionally. I offer customised packages that will include private sessions with me as well as some extra work I do at your permission “behind-the-scenes” to support you.
Your payments are processed securely by trusted online payment provider PayPal or similar secure payment system.
We can start with a “ONE-OFF dip-your-toes-in” session.
Thereafter, if you like what we did together, we will work on a customised package payment for a minimum of 6 months. so let’s book you a session and discuss what will be suitable for you.

Client Breakthroughs

Your presence just does something extraordinary to the energy in the house….our family slept better than ever– I even had to wake the kids this morning!

You always bring so much knowledge and wisdom with you and I have already started to implement what you have suggested.

You gave me so much insight into my relationship with my husband and what we need to work on.


I have been on a spiritual journey for some years, and am committed to my quest for inner purification and walking the path back to wholeness.  Regular BodyTalk sessions facilitated by Louise, since 2007 has been an effective way to balance my internal equations one by one with gentleness, clarity and insight. In my opinion, conventional medicine could not have come close to the profound quality of healing I have experienced. I always look forward to my sessions – each one has been delightfully different, meaningful and relevant. I also referred my family members and friends, who have been helped in myriad different ways. My granddaughter has even benefited whilst still in utero. Thank you for being instrumental in making a real difference in my life, Louise.


Louise is absolutely remarkable.

In 2021 I was post covid, and she healed me from anxiety. In 2022 she worked her healing magic again and cured my son of his terrible stammering with just two sessions. Louise was able to pinpoint the situation that had brought on the stammer and provided a simple exercise to perform.

She is my go-to person. I am so grateful and blessed to have such a phenomenal healer in my life . Thank you, Louise. 


Louise Wilson has been helping women heal from childhood traumas and anxieties to realise their own unique Light and status in themselves, unrelated to the opinions and beliefs of the family. When they see this, their life forward takes a new direction and meaning for them. When they no longer live from the demands of family, feeling unappreciated, they become valued and visible in their own life. Feeling peaceful, accepted and happy then filters down into the home for a happy home environment, which in turn becomes financial wealth, relationship wealth and family wealth.

For the past 30 years, Louise has studied everything metaphysical, helping her clients from all over the globe with their health, environments, and animals’ well-being. Her experience and journey through many challenges in her own life have given Louise a unique take on what makes people tick.

She loves people and animals and has clearly seen the value of saying no. For example losing a child, losing their home and all the accumulation of a home, including photos, personal memorabilia and coming out on the other side happier and more at peace.

She is the proud mother of 2 successful children whose attitude and success are constantly inspiring her in life.

A Love Note From Louise

Since I first discovered the BodyTalk system in October 2003, it has absorbed all my attention in that it has helped to see the links between all of my passions, i.e., feng shui, EFT, the environment, health, and relationships to all of these, tying together my endless search and analysing of everything and being a pain to everyone!

A common misperception about life is that anything worthwhile has to be difficult and complicated to achieve any results.

No, our thinking, which is our beliefs, makes it so! 

When we start to know and like ourselves, all of life takes on a new flavour.

Coaching people has helped me to grow in awareness of myself and our relationship to others in leaps and bounds, and sharing this with others, to lift them to a better space within themselves, is very rewarding. My life experiences and interacting with people has truly shifted the way I see the world and my health.  After all, how you feel about anything in your life will impact your health somewhere along the line.

Let me help you create new awareness for you.

My Clients Say It Better…

What is BodyTalk?

BodyTalk is a consciousness-based health modality which quickly and simply edits our programmes running in the background of our lives, high-lighting and balancing that which no longer serves us. The BodyTalk System works by identifying the weakened or damaged internal energy circuits. Each session is individual, straightforward and no diagnosis is made. The practitioner relies on the client’s inherent knowledge to locate the energy links needing repair.

Using muscle-testing, in conjunction with the client’s innate wisdom, the client is helped to see and change the inner workings of whatever dis-ease is worrying them – be it on a physical, emotional, mental or spiritual aspect, as we are all mind, body, spirit.  The results are evidenced very quickly and oftentimes wider reaching than we actually realize.

BodyTalk may help to uncover the subconscious programmed beliefs we live by, whether they are our beliefs, or those of our caretakers.

The fascinating world of BodyTalk was revealed to me in 2003 and since then it has been a never-boring, ever growing world of wonder, from the incredibly fast positive results for any health issues to the self growth obtained while participating in client sessions. Having been involved in riding and horses, bred Rhodesian Ridgeback dogs for 17 years, and the fact that this system also helps animals and plant ailments and mental stresses and strains is just so gratifying and wonderful.

It also really brings home how we are all connected at some level. For example, how a physical ailment your animal may be going through and how it’s connected with what you are living in your mind and body, your animal is reflecting it back to you.

The wonder of the BodyTalk System is the quickness and sureness of health returns on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual basis, and the resulting personal development clients experience which filter out to how they experience situations in their lives.

Would you like to try?

 Give yourself the gift of an hour with me to assess and address your energy blocks and get your life in alignment. If you are not able to visit me in person, I can also do a distance session for you, in conjunction with a Zoom session.  So anywhere in the world you are is no problem.


Feng Shui is about checking the energy of environments, so they are clean and of high inspiring and at the same time peaceful vibration.

Why I love Feng Shui! – It’s an instant visual awareness of keeping tabs on whats going on in your/my life.  And in the details, is where imbalance is showing, the unravelling starts….  the trick is how to notice these!

What is out of balance in your life?

Feng Shui can help the equilibrium in any area of your life by looking at the elements of design, colour, flow and a host of other tools, to re-establish that balance.

It’s taking in the environment on a whole energetic assessment.  Its more about what you cant see than what is visible to the eye and made visible in your physical space. So what does your sitting room say about you and your life?

For instance, if a room is completely cluttered and disorganised, it may indicate complete over-whelm-ment about that area in your life, (depending on where the room is located in the house/office).  Step by small step, with a 20 minute timer, one can make inroads back to being in the flow again.

It has been tested scientifically that coming into a disorganized space directly affects your brain-waves in a fragmented incoherent pattern.   And visa versa, uncluttered, organized harmonious beautiful environments create calm brain-waves which of course affects the whole being, and our thoughts and actions thereafter.

What small area can you tidy/order today.  In 20 minutes? Try it!

I come from an abused background. My Dad abused my Mum and my husband abused me.  I was beaten and kicked out of my house.  I say house because it wasn’t a home.

I contacted Louise Wilson and asked her if she knows of a shelter for abused women and she said to me, “Why do you want to live in a shelter?  What do you want for you and your child?”  I said I want a home.

So (with the help of BodyTalk in between) Louise has been coaching me and said write down everything you want.  And I started to do exactly that.  I wrote down I wanted a place to rent, a safe place where my child and I will be happy and I found a place to rent.  I moved in and I am safe and happy.  Every day was a challenge for me because there was a lot of hurt and anger.  I would call Louise and explain what I’m feeling and my thoughts and she would guide me.  I have come a long way in the healing process, I blamed myself for the abuse and I don’t do that anymore.  I now feel that I am worthy and I deserve to be treated in a respectful manner  and I can only get better mentally, emotionally and spiritually.  The next step for me is to buy a property.  All is working well and I do know that the universe would guide me and lead me to a good home .

Thank you Louise for your guidance, patience, being a good listener and a wonderful coach.