The Real Problem Is Often Not “The Problem” You Have


I often get told – “that was so insightful” – comments from clients after a healing / consulting, coaching session.

In 98% of my working with people I have found that what they thought was the obstacle, is NOT the cause of the obstacle. The obstacle is usually a side-effect of the original cause. And we work to get to the cause. You may know the cause, but it’s in the nuances around it which are also surprising.

When we then work with this CAUSE, shifts happen in surprising ways, freeing up space in one’s mental and emotional self, to move out, find that job, exercise, go on that holiday etc. and become much more RELAXED.

Working with and shifting the cause may mean observing and changing something in your home, it may mean writing, it may mean setting new boundaries… anything.

Even while being ‘worked’ on and discussing life, insights from you may come flowing through.

The reason for coming to these meetings is because you have a dilemma in your life.

That may be a health issue – physical or emotional.

You want to feel better – happier and with more energy.

Your dilemma would definitely be dragging you down in some way.

For instance, money and love go hand in hand. We have relationships with everything. And your relationship with money, affects the self-value you have with you and your loved one. (Or trying to have a love in your life.) With the awareness of how one thing is connected to another we can see a better path to take or not take.

I work with you in a “customised, specific to you” way.

You may not always like what we discover, but in the end, seeing it, working it free, will lighten and energise you to see many new possibilities.

Who doesn’t want to have a new way of seeing and deleting your blocks to health, in all areas of your life – health, money, love, career etc?

When you change you, you influence others around you too in positive ways. If you want to do it together, let’s start with a Healing Session today, see below.

Need Help?

When things get tough, there is no shame in asking for help. I am here to help you "release your pain," whether it is physical, mental, or spiritual, there is always more to consider and together we can figure out the real cause of that pain and work on dissipating it and re-balancing your whole system. Do not hesitate to book a Clarity Session to get started - click the button below to book now!

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