Is Your Back Eina?!

Imagine living this year with either no or reduced back pain.

… Getting “back” into a sport or activity you love, like gardening, playing with your children, your dogs, “back” into a happy social life, “back” into a happy relationship with your special ‘other.’

Stop being grumpy….

There’s more to “just a sore back!”random

 So what’s keeping you “back”?
 What’s putting your ‘back’ up?
 What ‘weight’ are you carrying on your ‘back’?
 What’s on your ‘back’?
 Have you actually put it ‘behind’ you?

You can heal yourself!

Your back holds many stories about what’s going on in your life, your thoughts, your feelings.
When you’re feeling good, your back feels good. It’s supporting you, going with the flow of things. It doesn’t seek your attention. Your back is from your neck, through your shoulders, and down to your coccyx or tailbone.

Can you wag your tail?


However, when present challenges and old unresolved thoughts and memories are still living in the cells of your body, your back will hold onto them and remind you, either constantly or now and then. Eina! Ouch! Oops!

Ever seen a dog with a sore back – it has difficulty in keeping that smile on his face.

dog 2

And we’re just like them     🙂
Depending on how deep we took the “wounding”, is how chronically it reminds us every day.
And then added to this is the way you integrate deep breathing through your body which also makes a difference in whether you can move that pain. A sore back is your body’s way of letting you know that something is off, that you are not in alignment with you and your life.


Is it time to find what it is and resolve it once and for all?

Let me paint you a picture of what’s going on in your body….

Imagine all your energy being used 100% of the time for defence purposes? Draining your energy bank to protect everything in and around that sore area? This means rallying up support and protection of all your muscles, tightening up to stand to attention, which means all your organs as well standing up rigidly to attention, which means your breathing comes to a standstill and what have you got?  A seriously sore immovable restricted back, hampering the joy of an active life, living on meds to relieve the pain so you can do some life 🙂 which gives you indigestion as well!

It also means, when you’re working on a project, only 50% of your focus is present, the rest, even though unconsciously, is directed at looking after your pain. How can you be creative with all these different aspects of you all following their own agenda?
What does this mean? It means time to have a serious board meeting with yourself, with my help, to address easily the core issues to unlock the stories “holding your back”.
If you already knew how to address problems in your life you would have found the solutions long ago. Most of the time people don’t know how to make changes, resolve issues and what to do to feel different or get different outcomes.
I can help you with this.

Clients are amazed how quickly their pain is either lessened or resolved completely.
Book some sessions with me today. Mobile +2731826576417 or

What does a session involve?

♥ You phone or email me
♣ We book
♥ You arrive (I work from Kloof and Morningside in Durban) (I can do sessions via SKYPE if you’re not local)
♣ We talk for a short time, I gather prelim info
♥ You lie on your back on my table (no getting undressed)
♣ You relax
♥ I do my thing
♣We interact
♥You get up, Smile
♣ I show you some other techniques you can do yourself to support your healing
♥ Perhaps book for a followup session (depending on how long you’ve carried this pain depends on how long it takes to resolve and how willing you are to see it and let it go)
♣ In time, if your body indicates it, I may suggest a supporting therapy elsewhere
♥Maybe do homework between sessions.

Your body with its aches and pains are there to show information to you. When you’re not ‘getting it” it shouts louder. Imagine trying to do something with someone continually interrupting and shouting at you….gets very tiresome!

Is it time to let this pain and suffering go?

To your wellness and happiness

PS I also help with your animals.

Is your back Eina?

Need Help?

When things get tough, there is no shame in asking for help. I am here to help you "release your pain," whether it is physical, mental, or spiritual, there is always more to consider and together we can figure out the real cause of that pain and work on dissipating it and re-balancing your whole system. Do not hesitate to book a Clarity Session to get started - click the button below to book now!

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