If I was given a cheque for $500000


If I was given a cheque for $500 000. What would I do?

I contemplated this today.

I asked myself questions like, “Would I be any happier? Still do what I love? Coaching and learning everything about personal growth? How would it make a difference in my life?”

Have you ever done that?

If you’re in a stagnant phase of your life and you were gifted $500K, do you have the capacity to shift your life and feel alive?

I don’t think so.

Living in a state of sluggishness, insensitiveness, passiveness, and numbness “deadens” part of the brain. So it’s like exercise – you have to train your brain out of this mode. 

Which requires questioning and exploring yourself and your life. And yes, that also takes a bit of courage – you might not like what you find out!

Life hands people many lessons specifically for that soul’s growth in the areas it needs to learn. (Life is about growing and living.)

Being able to discover and notice what those lessons are, requires self-reflection. 

In my experience, many do not know how to do that, want to do that, want to, but are fearful of doing it on their own and need some handholding.   

Having the right mentor for you will guide you through.

Your life is YOUR life. 

You have to be the one who takes care of it.

If you can find someone with whom you resonate, that you think can help you, stick with that person and ask them to help you. If you feel that person can bring out the best in you, AND you recognize you have much more ‘best’ in you, go for it!

I was very fortunate when my children were quite young that I became friendly with a lady homeopath who eventually became my mentor. What a wise, wise lady.  She would tell me in the nicest possible way if I was behaving or thinking like a ninny 


We were friends until she passed away at 82. She ‘held’ me through many of my life’s ups and downs. 

I am eternally grateful to have found this wonderful guide whose lessons I still apply in my life today.

In the end, we are talking about your soul. That part of you feels stifled and expressionless. That yearns for “more to life,” but you’re unsure what or how it is.

When you’ve traveled some part of this journey – THEN that cheque is ready for you, and you are ready for it.

Because now you’re much more conscious to yourself and your life. You have the ability and finesse to manage and use it masterfully.

I coach a number of motivated women who want and are ready to have and love their future selves. 

You are not only “the supporting act” in your life and family.

Be the star of your show and know you have new choices.

This is what I help you with:-

  •  Clarify what you want.
  •  Upgrade your skills.
  •  Improve your environment on all levels – mind, body and home.
  •  Step into your ‘presence’ by mastering your emotions.
  •  Live your life from love… from your heart.

If you are ready to take the next step, book your Clarity Session with me today, and we will look at what keeps you stuck and take it from there.

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