How To Get Unstuck In Life?


If you feel STUCK IN A RUT AND CONFUSED about your life, and you seem to have had a run of “not nice” experiences, then maybe life is asking you to look deeper and explore other ways through this maze.

You kind of have a DREAM, but…that DREAM seems to be not so clear and so far away.

All your past traumas, hurts, difficulties, and losses, which may still be alive in your being as emotional memories, are contributing to staying STUCK – about relationships, money, health, and happiness – old patterns always repeating themselves. This can also be called being in LIMBO.

By coming to understand the hidden aspects of yourself, how you operate your life – the attitude you have about your life – and what life experiences you’ve had, all shape how you experience who you think you are and what life is reflecting back to you.

And this makes you a very special individual, waiting to be acknowledged.

Once you start looking and examining and confronting your uncomfortable inside story, the perceptions you have about them, the things you tell yourself about them – then the healing starts.

Change starts happening.

Learning about and healing old patterns – inherited or learned…

* of defensive behaviour,

* of the experience of lack thinking,

* of money issues

* of relationship problems

* of depression

* of chronic health illness

When you understand the layers of these (and how they affect all other aspects of your life), the one which keeps you STUCK in LIMBO and scared, bring a measure of healing to it. THEN you can really start taking different steps for your life and your dreams.

You will have moved the needle in the direction of your DREAMS. You can begin to make self-authorized decisions.

Because the history level stuff can be tough to work on and clear by yourself, I will help and support you by working with you on your:

• Psychology – mindset

• Your environment – feng shui

• Your dreams

• Your spiritual connection

• Your practical homework

In order for healing to be fully effective, one has to incorporate –

  • body,
  • mind,
  • emotional and
  • spiritual aspects.

So by us working together, we can help you get unstuck and open up your life, and live your dreams.

“All emotions serve a valuable function in our lives.” This includes not just the positive “feel good” aspects of our mind but also the negative “feel bad” aspects of our mind. Melody Beattie.

• What does the first session of UNSTUCKNESS from LIMBO look like with me?

First, come with an open mind, no preconceived ideas or expectations.

We will have an in-depth conversation to find out why and where you are in your life and whether we can work together.

I will then do some energy work with you. We will have a conversation about what has come up, and I may give you exercises and techniques about what you can do to become more at ease and shift the anxiety you may be defaulting to… the mindset to be consciously aware of noticing the ideas, thoughts, and emotions which want to go opposite the direction you want to go.

I would like you to get used to living in a state of more peace than chaos.

This is a journey towards your new refreshed identity, stepping towards your DREAM LIFE.

Most of my work is done remotely, so there’s no travel, undressing, traffic, or interrupted meetings to contend with.

I have several packages to choose from, from one month to 6 months, to a year.

So where and HOW DO YOU start looking to move your life forward and find your peace, happiness, and future abundance?

If you are ready to take the next step, book your Clarity Session with me today, and we will look at what keeps you stuck and take it from there.

Need Help?

When things get tough, there is no shame in asking for help. I am here to help you "release your pain," whether it is physical, mental, or spiritual, there is always more to consider and together we can figure out the real cause of that pain and work on dissipating it and re-balancing your whole system. Do not hesitate to book a Clarity Session to get started - click the button below to book now!

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