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Exploring the joy in our lifejoy1

Hello again after a long absence!

How are you doing as we get towards the end of 2015?

I just had a thought! I realise I so love creating new banner headings with my photographs that I could quite easily just send this off with nothing else!   (by the way this picture above was taken at an art exhibition in Harare a couple months back – some very talented artists there – where we met up with friends, had tea and eats in the garden and waited to listen to the band…. well with beautiful timing, the electrity was cut off as the gates opened and the band eventually only got to play a couple hours later!) Such is life up there  )

Anyway, to get back into the world of all the wonderful people I’m continuously meeting, I decided its about time I share some of my insights with you.
snoopy joyHeart-felt Joy
The world, people in the world, seem to be experiencing less and less joy. And I’m talking about true joy, living it and expressing it truly from our hearts, at some stage in our daily life. People put on their smiley faces for other people, they do laugh and look happy but when I watch them, it’s as though they’re expressing a false joy, a mechanical response.

I was reading a friend’s book the other day and in it she mentioned how, through a set of circumstances in her life, she hadn’t laughed with joy for a long time, laughed where it was truly overflowing from her. Then she went for some energy healing and coaching, and a couple of weeks later at a coffee shop with some friends, she found herself giggling out loud, laughing deeply and realised she was “back”!

So I started to ponder this thing called joy. Or in Louise fashion, analyse it .

Through my Feng Shui and BodyTalk training I’ve studied the 5 elements – Fire, Earth, Metal, Water and Wood.
The animating principle of all these elements is the FIRE element.
It’s the spark that lights, ignites, expands, heats, warms, connects (electricity) passion, enthusiasm… love.
In ourselves, it’s the heart and where we experience the above, albeit sometimes fleetingly. “It is the Light within us”.

How many people today are just existing, lack something in their lives to be passionate about, just for themselves, that lights them up?

Most of all the Fire element is our connection to our god Source, the Divine, Spirit, or whatever term you’re comfortable with, and when we don’t feel that we are also disconnected from ourSelf, and therefore with everything else, life, people, nature – after all, everything connects or is plugged in to everything.
When we daily consciously develop a deeper connection with the Divine, you start to look and see a reverence for everything which starts the awareness of the Oneness of all… how whatever is reverberating in us, affects the dynamics in the world we see around us… ‘how’ you look at anything is how that anything ‘reacts’ or responds.

There’s a reason in the scriptures that Christ and the Sacred Fire/Heart is depicted in many different ways but always meaning the same – you hold within you the switch to higher connection.

(Just an aside… “I am my brothers Keeper”
When there is any unforgiveness in any aspect of your life, you are holding yourself and everyone else you have in your world, back, living a limited experience of life – from experiencing joy, abundance, love, support, magnificence. Make a new choice …..
Forgive, let go, and share instead, loving thoughts, emotions, words and actions … :-)

joy2Practice – with intention and attention and with deliberation….
Everyday, take time to sit quietly, if just for 5 minutes, focusing on your heart-space with the intention to feel the love of God for you and in you which is the petrol you need for the day.. magnetise that within you on your inbreath and on the outbreath radiate it out.  Set an intention for your day for experiencing Joy.

If you are struggling with a mind-set which is hijacking you from feeling peace and Joy there are various other practices and guidance’s I can help you with if you would like to experience another way of being.

Fire-up that ultimate engine in you…. you can find and remember that joy of you.

And for those who know – tap your cortices daily… it really helps to align and synchronise all your ‘brains’ – less brain fog, more clarity of thinking.

For the coming new year… clear your physical clutter!…re-new your spaces with new intentions … renew, replace, remove… dead, broken, old….Renew feng shui


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