Eclipses’ Equinoxes and Retrogrades – Mercury!


Eclipses’ Equinoxes and Retrogrades – Mercury!

Hang in there…. 🙂

A short share of my musings.

I was having a ponder this morning about friends and clients here in Durban and scattered around the world who are experiencing very challenging circumstances in their lives over the last 2 months.  I got to thinking about some of them saying they don’t plug into this planetary stuff, others do, others are totally unaware.  Well in my personal view, whether you do or don’t, its all bigger than “you” and it is doing its thing ‘up there’ and some of us ‘down here’ feel it in different ways.   I feel there is a bigger picture playing out from the cosmos, the orchestrator and it’s all to up our individual consciousness of how well we are doing our life…

Growing in consciousness – which incorporates our beliefs learned, beliefs which are true for us personally, daily habits, feelings and actions.   When we start being aware on a daily basis self-monitoring observer of ourselves (hahaha and we have many ‘selves’) we can then decide to change, adapt or just say no.

Mercury, messenger of the gods, is the ruler of Gemini and Virgo. Mercury is the messenger in Astrology as it is in Mythology. It is the planet of day-to-day expression and communication. Mercury’s action is to take things apart and put them back together again. It is an opportunistic planet, decidedly unemotional and curious.

The little planet Mercury, when in retrograde,  which seems to challenge so many, I think is about giving us a rest time to really check in and see if we are aligning to our plan and vision for our life or are we plugging into the collective thoughts and ideas of the masses, including what we’re being told on TV, the news and newspapers. And it in turn turns our eye on the fearful things happening in the world which we believe we need to take in as part of our own life.  So are you  deleting in your mind those faulty informations and instead keeping your radar tuned to your frequency which works for you…. its lots of self awareness and faith and trust and discipline in your thoughts.

So it all comes back to turning within…. What am I feeling / expressing / and doing?   Based on my own Higher Wisdom to create the change I want to live, see and feel.  Keeping centered within my own wants needs and desires.  That’s the lesson of Mercury.

So now that Mercury is going direct again, I hope you’ve used this opportunity to re- calibrate your dial to your frequency.  Thank you Mercury …

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