Do affirmations REALLY work?


Do you believe in AFFIRMATIONS?

A lot of people over time have come to the conclusion that because within a certain time frame, they don’t have evidence of what they’re affirming, it doesn’t work. And, of course, their brain also confirms it by saying, “Ya, right!”

But what if I suggested to you that of the 60 000 thoughts which randomly go through our head, the thoughts and stories we unconsciously make up with every thought and belief, that every statement you say in your day, every emotion with which you qualify what you’re saying, even in a joking manner (your subconscious mind does not know the difference) IS your AFFIRMATION of how you want to live.

And the universe, being very kind, hears and gives you just that!

If you count the number of times you say your affirmation compared to the number of times your thinking, acting, and speech are also stating their own ‘affirmations,’ which do you think will gain the upper hand?

Which in turn causes you to accept and believe what is true in yourself and your life!

And then, wow, if you start really looking at your life, you notice what’s really been going on and what you are continually bringing about.

It’s a new year! How awesome.

How To work with affirmations

Let’s change that poverty consciousness about a certain department in your life.

DECIDE -. Choose YOU. Choose your NEW LIFE. Just get going. Feel better about yourself.

I encourage you to find YOUR most important theme you’d like to change for you… e.g., your health, your finances, your relationship, etc.

For instance, you’d like to change your health.

That’s quite a broad topic, so break it down into what part of health is your focus.

Is it your physical health, mental attitude, or how you want to feel about yourself and your health…?

CLARITY – Write it down. INK it, don’t THINK it!

Keep it very simple. Just choose ONE thing that you can focus on for the next MONTH.
Then write or scribble down 3 AFFIRMATION STATEMENTS, which sum up what you want,
of gratitude in the present tense, in positive language, about how you would feel one month from now.

⭐️For example, “I AM so grateful now that I feel stronger and fitter when I run up the stairs/ play with my children/work in the garden/ … choose your thing.”

REFLECTION – Ask yourself – ‘what will it take for me to start doing to achieve this’? – again, choose something doable.

ACTION – For example, you could DO some stretches and deep breathing to start off your day, and raise your arms up and down for 1 minute.

And then – as you go about your day, WATCH YOUR MIND CHATTER, YOUR THOUGHTS AND WHERE THEY’RE GOING, HOW YOU ARE CARRYING YOURSELF, WHAT YOU ARE SAYING TO OTHERS. Self-correct anything you notice which is taking you DOWN the hole to REACHING for a better you. You want to keep seeing and expressing abundant and expansive life thoughts.

This little awareness exercise will go A LONG WAY to seeing change happen for you. Keep at it.
Good Luck 🐾

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