Cell phones and EMF interference


I made an interesting discovery recently regarding my health.

I’ve recently been experiencing enhanced, what I call heart thumpings, at different times of the day (not at night).  I thought it might be my hormones out of whack so tried applying some extra natural progesterone.   Didn’t seem to help.

Then I thought, well you do BodyTalk, why don’t you just see what comes up around that?

So I duly did a session on myself and lo and behold, the interference from my cell phone came up interfering with some circulation in my capilliaries!  I can tell you I was quite taken aback as it pointed out my lackadaisical attitude about covering myself for that.  I used to have a really good shield on my phone and lost it 🙁   Didnt get around to putting another one on and so of course, over time these electro magnetic frequencies have had an effect on my system.  Coupled with all the wifi around enhancing the effects of EMF’s creates a double whamy!   So scratch scratching around I went to find similar protective devices I knew I had somewhere, to put on my cell phone, as well as wearing one as well… I have noticed a lessening in these thumpings and I’m going to be more aware to see any more difference so I’ll keep this updated.

I did dowse my phone’s field and found it went out 2 meters!   After the device went onto the battery of the phone, the field shrinked to about 15 cm.  Not bad…  🙂   (the word ‘shrank’ didnt seem to fit too well!) 🙂

So men!  Keep your cell phone away from your heart pocket please and ladies…. in your bags rather than on your person… and not too long attached to your ear either….

Easy to say I know, as I am definitely one of those whose phone is attached to her person!  and texting, I notice I hold my phone in my left hand more, where I do feel the vibration of the electricity.   The heart’s field goes out from the left side of your body so it is also impacting your metabolism in other ways.

Just be aware!


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