I invite you to play along and see what WORD might be yours that “pulls you towards and keeps you focused” on what you want, for yourself, your family or something else.

Do you have a particular personal or business project outcome that you want to work towards, resolve, uncover the cause of or resolve in your life?

But you find you have recurring old habits that take your eye off your ball?

What’s with this word theme and how can it really help me?

So I started exploring more conscientiously what and if having a proper word focus could really help me with this year.

I had previously chosen “WITH” but that just didn’t click totally for me. I started wondering why?

I decided I needed a helping word that could keep ME focused on my goals and I started asking myself what this helping word needs to cover –

what do I actually want from this word?

What does this word need from me?

How can it help me on a broader level and also so that I could remember halfway through the year what my intentions are for myself for this year?

Sort of like my own private 24/7 reminding-mentor.

So I kept the word “with” buzzing in the background and I also asked myself if there was a better word for me?

A word which could help me towards my overall goal for the year (in my case, I’m working on my goal 3 months at a time).

I looked around for “that word” which would inspire:

• my habits to be consistent,

• my thoughts to be watchful,

• my feelings to be harmonious,

• my speech to be trustworthy,

• my activities to work with my habits and thoughts,

• my inspirations and presence working within the same goal space.

I also wanted this word to integrate into my different life environmental aspects –

for instance:

career, family, fun, social, relationships, finances, hobbies, creativity, helping others, my morning meetings with mySelf, gratitudes, and health.

I feel all this would help my living towards the lifestyle I want.

And finally the word popped up a couple of days later!


CONGRUENT – matching, consistent, harmonious and harmonizing, fitting.

Fits all aspects of my goal. And it just feels right for me.

I am starting today to do my best to live a fully congruent life 😁🥰

I invite you to play along and see what WORD might be yours that ‘pulls you towards’ what you want.

When you have it – tell us in the notes, what it is.

When you write it ‘out there’, it has a magic helping power of its own.

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