Truth, Self-love, Forgiveness


‘How we spend our days is, of course, how we spend our lives.”
Annie Dillard

To start living a great and happy and peaceful life, we can look at 3 simple points – truth, forgiveness and self-love.

• Truth, being and communicating truthfully with ourselves even though we may not like the answer. What we really want, what’s working for us, what we need to let go of… and then being and living that in our life and with others.
• Forgiveness, letting go of grudges and eventually seeing the gift in our life’s dramas and events and realizing we also helped to set them up (dramas etc)
• Self-love, which equals being able to love others as well, giving and receiving, acceptance of everything, not trying to change something in someone else to fit our agendas, instead change oneself – as those are the lenses which are seeing a ‘problem’.

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