The blueprint of your home or business space


What was the existing blueprint that you stepped into when you took over a new business, bought a new home?

We are talking about the goings-on that the people created in that space who are/were in that original business or home.Β  Is it a vibe of success, wellness and happiness OR chaos, anger, debt and close-mindedness?

When you have close-mindedness, that is operating from a mind-set of fear and stagnation.Β  Open-mindedness is creative and growing and possibilities.

For instance, if you take over the running of a family business (even if you are not directly related to that family) are you aware that part of that original blueprint is the world of ghosts of the past (and we could also mean literally πŸ™‚ ) Is it easy to change from the old way of doing business to an updated global mindset?Β  What else is possible?

Does the energy of the business match the energy of the building?Β  Everything has to align for success wellness and happiness.

This is just a different concept of looking at a new way of putting a vision plan and detail and steps together…. update the old blueprint to match your new renovated vision.

Or, new broom sweeps clean πŸ™‚ … with a big vision and a bigger broom! πŸ™‚





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