This really is an amazing substance.

Recently I met a friend who, 24 hours previously, severely burned his wrist from a car radiator.  Really ugly!   Really sore!   He hadn’t slept that night.  And of course he also hadn’t gone to the doctor… “…it’s fine, it’ll heal….!”

Well I just took one look at it, asked him if he minded if I put some cream on it, which might soothe the area and he said sure, go for it.   I had some “Naptro” natural progestone cream with me and spread a whole lot on the area and off he disappeared home for ten minutes, to fetch his dogs.   When he returned to the park with his dogs he was almost levitating!   He said the pain started going within 5 minutes and by the time we all saw him ten minutes later, returning with his dogs, he said the pain was about 3% compared to 90% previously!

So inbetween applying the cream, he also had his cortices tapped with fast aid, (see

It’s now about 3 weeks since that event and there’s almost no scarring and just with the help of extra gauze with burn muti on it, he’s back to normal.


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