Do you laugh?  

And where do you notice you laugh most – when you’re with friends, with your partner, with your children, with your animals, when you’re in nature, when you’re working?

And why are you not laughing in those other areas of your life?

Maybe that’s where you have disconnected yourself from your spiritual, divine source of you.

Your connection to Divine Source.  Call it what you will, life becomes whole when you are plugged in.

When you are laughing, you are also connected in your heart, with your spirit, with your “I AM”.

How can I plug in, you may ask?

Just put your hand on your heart, do a couple of full breaths, and acknowledge the ‘you’ that sits or hides there and then give yourself a cyber/universe hug. 

“Uni-verse” – one song….  what are you singing – ./././

What song do you want your life to sing in 2016 ?