Your relationship to the world, starts with YOU.   You are in relationship to all that you cross in your day.   You see the world from your unique you-ness.

If we break up our perception of our view of the world into various areas of our life, it is easier to see what could be tweeked to bring our life into balance.  Below are various areas suggested to observe.

What do these areas look like in your mind, in your surroundings, the people you interact with on a daily basis?    Are they energizing you or draining your energy?


There are 9 sectors – Career,Journey – Fame, Reputation, Friends, Spirituality – Family, Elders, Authorities, Past  – Creativity, Children, Future, Play, Goals – Self Reflection, Time Alone, Study –  Relationships, personal or with Employees – Helpful People, Travel, Mentors – Wealth, Abundance.


Bagua/Guide Grid for Your Life


So lets start off with “You” as you is really all that sees from your perspective.

How is your relationship with your self?

  • Do you like yourself?
  • Do you love yourself?
  • Do you respect yourself which may show up as being truthful about your desires or boundaries and do you feel free to state these to your significant other?  If not, this is a great place to start doing some inner comtemplation on why and how you can start stating your beliefs about who you are and being who you are.
  • What part/s about yourself do you think are great, magnificent and unique?
  • What aspect about you that you don’t like would you like to start accepting?
  • Are you  always looking to keep everyone else happy at the expense of your own satisfaction?
  • Is always being ‘nice’ actually helpful to yourself and others’ higher development?

Learning about yourself and who you are at a core level is a very important to creating relationships outside of yourself.

So I invite you to explore these attributes as you go about your daily interactions.

Just observe yourself as though you are watching someone else.

Be gentle with yourself and just notice what you notice (as Richard Bartlett says).

Noticing is the first step to awareness, which then leads to conscious choices.

How can we make choices unless we become aware of what might not be ‘right in our lives.

So this is the first step in training yourself to learn how to think, what you’re thinking, and observe whether it’s beneficial to your goals, where you aspire to be in your life.