Feng Shui is about checking the energy of environments, so they are clean and of high inspiring and at the same time peaceful vibration.

Why I love Feng Shui! – It’s an instant visual awareness of keeping tabs on whats going on in your/my life.  And in the details, is where imbalance is showing, the unravelling starts….  the trick is how to notice these!

What is out of balance in your life?

Feng Shui can help the equilibrium in any area of your life by looking at the elements of design, colour, flow and a host of other tools, to re-establish that balance.

It’s taking in the environment on a whole energetic assessment.  Its more about what you cant see than what is visible to the eye and made visible in your physical space.   So what does your sitting room say about you and your life?

For instance, if a room is completely cluttered and disorganised, it may indicate complete over-whelm-ment about that area in your life, (depending on where the room is located in the house/office).  Step by small step, with a 20 minute timer, one can make inroads back to being in the flow again.

It has been tested scientifically that coming into a disorganized space directly affects your brain-waves in a fragmented incoherent pattern.   And visa versa, uncluttered, organized harmonious beautiful environments create calm brain-waves which of course affects the whole being, and our thoughts and actions thereafter.

What small area can you tidy/order today.  In 20 minutes?   Try it!