bt_logo_grey_tagBodyTalk is a consciousness-based health modality which quickly and simply edits our programmes running in the background of our lives, high-lighting and balancing that which no longer serves us.

Using muscle-testing, in conjunction with the client’s innate wisdom, and with the help of the practitioner, the client is helped to see and change the inner workings of whatever dis-ease is worrying them – be it on a physical, emotional, mental or spiritual aspect, as we are all mind, body, spirit.  The results are evidenced very quickly and oftentimes wider reaching than we actually realize.

BodyTalk  may help to uncover the subconscious programmed beliefs we live by, whether they are our beliefs, or those of our caretakers.

Give yourself the gift of an hour with me (or another BodyTalk practitioner for that matter) to get your life in alignment with your higher purpose.

If you are not able to visit me in person, I can also do a distance session for you, in conjunction with a skype session.  So anywhere in the world you are is no problem 🙂

The fascinating world of BodyTalk was revealed to me in 2003 and since then it has been a never-boring, ever growing world of wonder, from the incredibly fast positive results for any health issues to the self growth obtained while participating in client sessions.   Having been involved in riding and horses, bred Rhodesian Ridgeback dogs for 17 years, and the fact that this system also helps animals and plant ailments and mental stresses and strains is just so gratifying and wonderful.

It also really brings home how we are all connected at some level.

For example, how a physical ailment your animal may be going through and how it’s connected with what you are living in your mind and body, your animal is reflecting it back to you.

The wonder of the BodyTalk System is the quickness and sureness of health returns on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual basis, and the resulting personal development clients experience which filter out to how they experience situations in their lives.