Full Moon 14th February, 2014


Full Moon in Leo   

Sun in Aquarius February 2014


The highest goal for the Aquarian is to stand for the New Age, its visions, ideas and labour, and to be the “Water of Life … poured forth for thirsty men.”

Life reveals itself stage by stage. There is the life of an atom, a bush, a tree, a fish, a bird, and an animal. Then there is the life of a savage person (which mentally applies to the majority of mankind); an educated or civilized person, a disciple or an Initiate, a Planetary Being, a Solar Being, and beyond.

The abundant life is the life which progressively expands its radius of contact, communication and cooperation. If a person lives for himself alone, his life is very limited. He is a flickering light and a danger to others.

When a person lives for a group, he is on the path leading to a greater life. When a person lives for a nation without being a nationalist, he approaches the door of life. When he expands his consciousness and lives for humanity, the door of life is opened for him. When a person lives for the whole of existence, he lives and moves in the more abundant life. It is the degree of inclusiveness which introduces into a greater life.

Aquarian energy is electrical energy. It is this energy that will help us break our limitations of time, space and matter, and develop our higher psychic powers and use our spiritual perception, straight-knowledge and intuition.

At the present the majority of people are living as physical bodies. The Immortal Spirit in them is in communication with existence only through the physical body. Their communication and contact with life as a whole is very much limited.

A certain percentage of human Sparks is related to life through the physical, emotional and mental vehicles. Thus the radius of contact is much greater. These Sparks have a more abundant life and are aware of a greater whole.

The more abundant life that Christ transmits to Earth can be ours when we contact the Fountain of Life within, the real Self. The life within can be appreciated only when we develop the power of intuition and become a dispenser of life.

Thirsty people are those who wander in the valley of the shadows. They run after shadows day and night, and always remain thirsty. Shadows are the sense objects, the objects of pleasure, which satisfy the personality, but leave the soul thirsty.

Aquarius has the three gifts for humanity, if humanity accepts them and makes itself worthy of them. The first one is opportunity.  The second one is enlightenment.   And the third one is brotherhood.

These are the gifts of cycles through which you can see the next step of your future, your next labour for humanity, and through which you find the energy and power within to face your higher responsibilities.

In every cycle, opportunity is given to humanity to enter into a higher level of existence. The influence and the energy of Aquarius opens a door for us to enter into a new and more advanced life.

Aquarius offers us the opportunity to:

1.            be initiated into greater areas of awareness;

2.            serve in greater fields of human endeavour;

3.            come in contact with more advanced groups and Ashrams;

4.            have the right energies under one’s command at the right time

5.            have around us receptive and spiritually sensitive people;

6.            co-operate with the Hierarchy; and

7.            contact the Christ or Oneness which is Universal Love

Many human beings will have the opportunity to be admitted as accepted disciples.  Once a person feels the fire of discipleship, he becomes a creative influence. He gives life. Aquarius is symbolized by the water-bearer; the water pours out of the pitcher is liquid fire – the creative fire.

Such a disciple evokes the creative spirit in whomever he contacts. People in his presence feel an expansion of consciousness, a release, a joy or blooming, and an urge to serve. Creativity is a process of manifestation of the Inner Divinity through beauty, goodness and truth.

In every human being there is an everlasting Cosmic beauty, sealed like a small seed in the ground. It needs water. When watered, it breaks through all obstacles to reach the Sun. That seed is the sleeping Divinity within us. Once that Divinity begins to radiate, no power in the world can obscure Its radiance because It is the seed of the Almighty Presence in Space. The manifestation of our innate Divinity removes all weaknesses from our vehicles.

In the Aquarian Age, greater enlightenment will be possible. This is the second gift of Aquarius.

Enlightenment is a moment in your life in which a window opens into the realms of your higher awareness and you can see the purpose and beauty of Life. You become aware that you are Life. For a moment, the electricity of Life passes through your system and you enjoy the feeling of real oneness.

The third gift of Aquarius is brotherhood. Brotherhood is a state of consciousness in which all your fears, sense of separativeness and hatreds no longer exist. Anger and greed are gone and for the first time in your life, you feel free.

Freedom is the awareness that people really love you, that you are safe among them and that all your needs will be met. It is awareness that everybody cares for you and you care for them, that you are protected even if you fall because you are surrounded by hearts that can forgive your failures and encourage you toward success. In this stage of freedom, there are only light, truth and reality within you; the sky of your being is now clear.

In the Aquarian Age, every time the Sun enters Aquarius these gifts will be presented to us. Christ, as the true Aquarian, walked the path of Aquarius ages ago, and in this age He becomes the dispenser of these energies.

Brotherhood starts with goodwill and right human relations and expands to group life, working for the group through group service

A person who has the sense of group consciousness realizes that there is a subjective synthesis under all phenomena. It is the expression of this synthesis through all that he thinks, feels, and does that makes him live as a brother of humanity.


The two forces that make up man are anchored in the head as consciousness and in the heart as the thread of life.

We are told to purify our “stables”.

The stables are our physical, emotional and mental natures in which the accumulated dirt of many incarnations is found.

  • All maya/delusion (1 st Chakra),
  • glamours/sex (2nd Chakra)
  • and illusions/vanity (3rd Chakra) are accumulated within our stables.

How can we clean them?

Our physical nature is filled with urges and drives. Throughout centuries these drives have turned into habits and moulded our life. We have inherited the wickedness, even the illnesses, deeply buried in our genes.

There is pollution not only within the individual physical body, but in the body of humanity, and deep in the veins of Mother Earth. The poison released into the ocean, air and soil is a heavy layer of “cattle dung” left in the stables.

Then there is the emotional stable: hatreds, hang-ups, bribery, jealousy, greed, fears, negative, and separative feelings, anger, revenge,, and so on. All these pollutants are another layer in the stable, your emotional body, or home for your emotions.

There is also the mental stable filled with thoughts of separatism, racism, lies, prejudices and superstitions. All of these and others have been accumulating for years within humanity’s nature. And it is very strange that humanity still tolerates this “cattle dung” and does not dare release the two rivers to clean it with a Herculean Labour. [The two “rivers” are Love and Truth which are real energy from Mother Earth and father Sky, when we sit to meditate?]

Every year from approximately January 22nd to February 19, mankind must engage in cleaning its stables, consciously releasing these two rivers into its life. In other words, we are going to invoke our will power and the light of our intellect, and practically put them to work to clean the stables of our nature. If this is done year after year, the accumulated dirt eventually will vanish.

We are not going to accept the “dung” in our nature. Our responsibility is to release the light of consciousness and will power so the accumulation of darkness will vanish or fade away.

The first demand in Aquarius and in the Aquarian Age will be for the purification of both the individual and the planetary life. It is through purification that humanity will survive and progress on its path of higher evolution.

It is the “dirt” accumulated in our personality that causes insanity, restlessness and sickness. It is the accumulation of dirt that changes the chemistry of benevolent rays to poison in our threefold organism. It is dirt that serves as a passage for dark forces to possess us and use us for destructive ends.

Once purification is achieved and we turn toward greater life and light, the Inner Divinity within us is revealed and we have “the more abundant” life, “the Water of Life poured out for the thirsty world,” the thirst that the world has for the spiritual life.

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