Feng Shui Testimonial

Hi Louise,

It was so lovely to have you back in our house again. Somehow your presence just does something extraordinary to the energy in the house….our family slept better than ever– I even had to wake the kids this morning!

You always bring so much knowledge and wisdom with you and I have already started to implement what you have suggested.

You gave me so much insight into my relationship with my husband and what we need to work on. Some of it I knew already but just needed you to put it into perspective for me.

Checking for geopathic stress is always good and seemed quite needed in our house. Your insight into the area where I was working was fantastic and I have completely moved my home office into another room which has helped tremendously. Finally just to see the subtle changes that I need to make in the house in terms of décor – even on a subconscious level – was such an eye opener and is something I will be more aware of going forward.

Thanks again




My name is Saroja. I come from an abused background. My Dad abused my Mum and my husband abused me.  I was beaten and kicked out of my house.  I say house because it wasn’t a home.

I contacted Louise Wilson and asked her if she knows of a shelter for abused woman and she said to me why do you want to live in a shelter?  What do you want for you and your child?  I said I want a home.

So (with the help of BodyTalk in between) Louise has been coaching me and said write down everything you want .  And I started to do exactly that.  I wrote down I wanted a place to rent, a safe place where my child and I will be happy and I found a place to rent.  I moved in and I am safe and happy.  Every day was a challenge for me because there was a lot of hurt and anger.  I would call Louise and explain what I’m feeling and my thoughts and she would guide me.  I have come a long way in the healing process, I blamed myself for the abuse and I don’t do that anymore.  I now feel that I am worthy and I deserve to be treated in a respectful manner  and I can only get better mentally, emotionally and spiritually.  The next step for me is to buy a property.  All is working well and I do know that the universe would guide me and lead me to a good home .

Thank you Louise for your guidance, patience, being a good listener and a wonderful coach.

SM 18/8/2016


‘I have been on a spiritual journey for some years, and am committed to my quest for inner purification and walking the path back to wholeness.  Regular BodyTalk sessions facilitated by you, Louise, since 2007 has been an effective way to balance my internal equations one by one with gentleness, clarity and insight. In my opinion, conventional medicine could not have come close to the profound quality of healing I have experienced. I always look forward to my sessions – each one has been delightfully different, meaningful and relevant. I have recommended you to family members and friends, who have been helped in myriad different ways. My granddaughter has even benefited whilst still in utero. Thank you for being instrumental in making a real difference in my life, Louise. In gratitude, Y.’