Accounts and Accountability


“If your outgo exceeds your income, then your upkeep will be your downfall.”   — Bill Earle

In linking up the word ‘Accounts’ with being accountable and especially how applying it to our financial life, which means our career or job and looking at getting the structure and foundations of this part of our life in order, especially if one wants to get ahead and be financially abundant, I got to thinking how this also applies to other areas of our life.

Like ‘ do we do the accounts and accountability in the areas of family, study time or quiet time, fun time, creative time, relationships’.?  Are we shaping up and putting right that which needs adjusting?

Are they all up to date, and the income boxes and outgo boxes balanced?   Or do you have debt (unforgiveness) in some of these areas or overspending (over-giving to others over yourself) in some?

When last did you take a full audit of your life and the direction you want it to be heading?

We all need someone to hold us accountable, to guide us, to help us successfully step along a particular path in life.  Having a coach/mentor to ask us deep questions will help us to attain the results we desire quickly and effectively.

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