About Heila Health

Welcome to Heila Health which means Light and Whole Health and peeling back the filters to reveal and refresh the light within us.   My relationship with my world…relating… and everything in my world which affects what and how I do or know something.

If you have an open mind, and a willingness to know another way of being, this may be a great starting point of change for you.

Life, events, the nature of the world we live in now has determined that new ways of approaching difficulties need to be explored.

We need to understand and work with the energetics of the energies presenting to us.   In other words, the vibe around you, and from you.   Ask questions about what you see, feel, don’t understand….. It’s in the power of the questions you can ask yourself that your answers will come.

I want to help you raise the vibration of you and with your world which in turn will help those around you and the planet you are living on, with all her sentient beings, whether they are rocks, plants, ants, animals or people.  Because in the bigger scheme of  life, we are all connected and everyone else has an effect on everyone else.

This is a place to help you with any aspect of your life which doesn’t feel “healthy” and hopefully you will find something here to inspire, motivate, find a solution or idea because when you can be in love with life, you are happy, inspired, creative, motivated, at peace and contented, in spite of  circumstances or events playing around you.  You are with whatever is happening around you, but not involved in it.

Of course one can’t be in this way 100% of the time because life is cyclical.   However, we can be noticing when things go a bit ‘off’.   We can then get back in touch with our inner self.

I want to show you the possibilities of viewing your life differently and being able to see life from a larger perspective, not just from the small ‘me’.   So I am going to introduce you to feeling and seeing different vibrations of  people, the energy of what you present to the energy of spaces and things.   I want to show you how a pre-conceived idea or belief  holds you in a stuck place and how to become conscious of it and move it to a place of neutrality.

I want to egg you on to constant awareness of how you do life and the ‘consequences’ or rewards you see reflected back to you.

I have been involved in the study of health and its different relationships over the past 20 years and studied many different complementary therapies like Spiritual Healing, Homeopathy, Aura Soma, Reflexology, Aromatherapy, Bowen Technique, Hormones ,  Nutrition, Shiatsu, Dr Hulda Clerk, Numerology, Astrology, Feng Shui and BodyTalk.

I find that there is definitely a correlation between one’s inner psychology mind workings, and how the external environment is set up and these both need to be congruent with what you want to experience in your life.

To find out more, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

I love sharing new ideas.

I want to pass on to you information and knowing which I have experienced and learned.

I want to show you that your feelings and other’s feelings are not as scary as we are taught (by not being allowed to show them or experience them …  :-))









Happy exploring….

Louise Wilson

“You can’t take sides against anything.  If you would just leave the “against” part out;  if you would just be one who is for things – you would live happily ever after…”   Abraham




Since I first discovered the BodyTalk system in October 2003, it has absorbed all my attention in that it has helped to see the links between all of my passions, ie feng shui, the environment, health and relationships to all of these, tying together my endless search and analysing of everything and being a pain to everyone!   I like to think I’m not so fanatical anymore because if one can just let go, not need to hold onto …. whatever that is, everything is just right just then…. (my friends may disagree though!)

A common mis-perception about life is that anything worth-while has to be difficult and complicated to achieve any results.

No, our thinking, which are our beliefs, makes it so 🙂

When we start to know and like ourselves, all of life takes on a new flavour.

Coaching people has helped me to grow in awareness of myself and our relationship to others in leaps and bounds and sharing this with others, to lift them to a better space within themselves, is very rewarding.

My life experiences and interacting with people has truly shifted the way I see the world and my health.  After all, how you feel about anything in your life will impact your health somewhere along the line.

Let me help you create new awareness for you.



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