Learning to Stand in your Truth (Day 3)

On day 3 of our current topic of finding love in the world, we’re looking at your being comfortable with you and various steps to learn this.

Many women are very intuitive yet some  haven’t learnt the language of the subtle whispers of their guts.  Your body is your key to knowing when something feels in truth for you or when it doesn’t.  I’d like to invite you to get into the habit of this vital piece of self-awareness and LISTEN.  Then act or don’t go there….

What are you listening for you may ask?

Well one way is, when being asked to do something, if there’s a tight feeling in your guts or heart, (or your finger may twitch :-)! ) this may indicate a NO, and that may be a sign for you to pause and acknowledge it, re-assess the moment and procede from there.

On the other hand, if your body/guts/heart is feeling light and expansive …  green light!

Here’s a short video as well..


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