Personality and Character


“Think like a man of action, act like a man of thought.”
-Henri Bergson


Personality and Character, what’s the difference and what does it matter?

For some of us, we will look back on this time, March/April 2020, globally, Covid-19, and remember how it was a life-changing period in our lives.

How it taught us various things about ourselves and others, depending on where we were in our lives.

For instance, some people perhaps were traveling and got ‘stuck’ in far off places, some were living on farms, some were living on luxury boats, some in shanty homes, and some in beautiful homes with beautiful gardens.

Who were you living with or got stuck with?  Now there’s the rub!  Relationships!

The thing about all this, which I have been observing in myself and others, is what it reveals of our personality and character in ourselves and in others, especially in the second half of the ‘lockdown’.  I’m sure there is lots of swinging from one to the other.  For example, a strong character person would only allow a short window for throwing his toys out the cot and then rapidly sorting things out.   Picking himself up and getting back on track.

Which led me to thinking about one’s character, either knuckling down and getting creative, or bringing out the worst of one’s personality and almost showing the behaviour of a 5 year old .

Do we get sucked in to the child, whether in ourselves or others, or do we just shrug and say “how interesting, what am I going to do about this, if anything?”

Are you one of those who loves to focus on the drama of the world event (because that’s what you’ve always done) and then re-create it at home or one who chooses to see how to make the best of everything with this new way of living?

In my opinion, here’s the thing.  Life is abnormally normal right now and its never going back to the normal we experienced pre 2020.  So those who are looking for  ‘when things are back to normal’ you will possibly always be living in limbo.

This ‘time’ we’re in now is VERY valuable and there’s no price tag on it. This is such a precious time to evaluate  our lives, being forced to knuckle down to SIT and STAY.  (Yes I love dog training :-))  This is all very good for mind discipline and to explore what’s going on up there.

For instance, if you’re an employed or unemployed person, having this lockdown at home, what are you doing with your time?   This is the ideal time to learn a new skill – and lots of learning avenues on the internet have unlocked their courses for free.

Anyway, this brings me to the subject of this post, Character  vs Personality.

Who is pushing who’s buttons and what are the character traits being revealed and the personality acting out?   Are you adulting (as the young generation say) or continually complaining and blaming?   If you have a core character of strength where you know what you want, are going after it then this time we’re in will be no different from any other time. However it may just be the extra time you need to knuckle down and focus on bringing your goals closer to you as there’s no need to rush off anywhere anytime soon.

I’ve noticed that people who are not ‘adulting’, thinking like a responsible citizen, are those who just want to satisfy their own whims and say “what’s the problem?” and behave as they want, in spite of the boundaries in place.  And if you were to read this, you wouldn’t even know if it was you behaving like that.

So I’ll close here and leave you with some things to contemplate.

Going forward, looking 5 years down the road, are there some changes that you need to do?   Your life is  your own to make happy, not for others to make it happen.  Being honest and truthful to yourself is essential and I highly recommend journaling and/or discussing with a loved or trusted one.   It will help you figure out what you really want to change and why, and where best to start.

What character trait have you noticed in yourself (or been told about) that you know you need to deal with?  Now start doing it.

Why do I suggest all this?

Because sometime, somewhere, if left unattended, these niggles become a real health challenge as well!



Capri honouring nature


“Your spirit must be awake.

Someone whose spirit is awake is rooted in nature – in the air, water, and the Earth.

The spirit is eternal so if your spirit is awake then you live forever.

If your spirit is dead and your mind is rooted in the physical aspects of your life, then that life is empty and will perish with the end of one’s physical life.”

(from Ilchi Lee)


Learning to Stand in your Truth (Day 3)

On day 3 of our current topic of finding love in the world, we’re looking at your being comfortable with you and various steps to learn this.

Many women are very intuitive yet some  haven’t learnt the language of the subtle whispers of their guts.  Your body is your key to knowing when something feels in truth for you or when it doesn’t.  I’d like to invite you to get into the habit of this vital piece of self-awareness and LISTEN.  Then act or don’t go there….

What are you listening for you may ask?

Well one way is, when being asked to do something, if there’s a tight feeling in your guts or heart, (or your finger may twitch :-)! ) this may indicate a NO, and that may be a sign for you to pause and acknowledge it, re-assess the moment and procede from there.

On the other hand, if your body/guts/heart is feeling light and expansive …  green light!

Here’s a short video as well..


Wanting more Love, Money and Happiness Day 2

Are you one of those women who always puts herself last in favour of other people? One whose always squeezing in a quick lunch, misses it totally, always doing for others and gets to the end of the day and is still doing?
Well maybe you need to step back a bit, and really take a look at who you are presenting to the world as love, money and happiness come to those who make time for meeting these energies. They come to those who schedule time for themselves to honour the receiving of love, and appreciation. To people who say yes, I am an important factor in my world and I deserve to be considered.
So how do you become important in your life?
It starts with getting to know you and your values. 
So start writing out what you like, love and want more of.


Wanting more Love and Money and Happiness


Everything is interconnected and as such we have to look at the core issues and their origins.

And this means we have to be ready to knuckle down and do some self-honest reflection to do some serious shifting in the shadow aspects of our character and personality.

It means really listening to hear, being quiet to listen, being still to observe, and seeing to observe.  Learning to ask questions you’re ready to hear the answers to and understand them. Learning to feel okay with the dis-comfort the questions or answers might bring up in you.  Being prepared to do the inner work and home work.  Being open to seeing your life from a different perspective.

We all communicate through energy which is more powerful than words!

When I truly got to grips with my deep emotions, (energy) when I learned the language of my particular feelings, that’s when I turned a corner… and there was no looking back. I found I had a wonderful new path to follow.

If this interests you, Stay tuned for some new insights .

March 2017 and where are you in your year’s intentions?

“You” means rooster in Chinese.

It’s now end of March and we’re fully into 2017, Year of the Fire Rooster…

How is the wealth in your life looking…. Wealth means wellness in all areas of life!  Is there some area not quite aligned? .. not working for you?

As some of you know it’s also the start of a new global 9-year cycle, elevating what we already know and what we’d like to visualise for this next 9 year cycle.

For those of you who don’t know, cycles in life usually are in 7 year or 9 years.  So you can look back and see what changes your life took on from 2008.

I’m sure you have noticed around you the many changes taking place in people’s lives, whether personal or business.

If you are in a blah stuck place and you feel pulled to changing something but don’t quite know how then,

How about “Designing and living an intentionalised life”, for you.?

This is really a great time to take a radically honest look at your life, especially in relation to your relationships.

The rooster year is about romance.

What if  we were to amp up the romance in our lives this year?

After all, if we’re not happy in ourselves, how can we be happy with others, let alone live an abundant life?

How can we start to love ourselves more?

OR, whether you already have a significant other, want to ditch an over stayed “guest” or looking to find a new life partner, then this is the year

to take action for improvement.

One ‘happy’ person impacts ten times as many other people around them, causing them happiness too J  It also causes great health!

And on the opposite scale, one unhappy person’s vibes can negatively impact ten times the amount of people around them and causes sickness!

SO …  Take some action with these suggestions.

Having a vision for your life is the first step to change.

Get pen and paper (not computer) and start writing from a self-reflecting point of view.

(Hand-writing articles or notes connects something in the brain to send a new neural message.)

  • Have you given some thought to your life and where you stand today?
  • What you really love and like to do more of,
  • what you’d like to do less of or let go completely, and finally
  • what you really do not like doing or being.

To avoid feeling overwhelmed, just choose ONE THING to focus on and go step by step.

You could start off with looking around your home and see what annoys you, clean it up, even if it’s just a bedside drawer, then move onto the next area.

Where do ‘you’ stand in your house ie where’s your energy?  Is it even there?  Are you a part of your home?

Use the Rooster energy to redecorate your space today!  J

Shifting stuff helps shift the old energy of life which will also shift something in your mind as well.

So start with your mind, then your space.

An important area to observe for this year is the south side of your home.

Remove anything broken or old or cluttering.  It’s an important area this year to keep in tip top shape as it may exacerbate niggles in your life.

And, depending on your personal vibe, it could be your romance area, your health area, your financial luck area etc.

When you make a plan for your personal life, it’s amazing how it impacts positively on your business life too.

If you need any help with this –

  • I can help you with clarifying your vision and direction,
  • strategise your actions so you know what to do daily, weekly or monthly,
  • upgrade your skills relevant to your vision and goal, suggesting ideas you might like to look into,
  • optimising your environment, to set you up for success (if you’re trying to lose weight and you have sweets every where … not helpful to your goal!) and finally
  • mastering your inner psychology. Our subconscious paradigms can keep us behaving in a sabotaging way for the results we want.

You can book with me on skype “zimbochick” for 15 min free session to see if we can help each other and where to go from there.

OR email me

to set up a free 15 consult session to see if I can help you.

I look forward to hearing your ideas and feedback.

Here’s to a nice different year for you !

Eclipses’ Equinoxes and Retrogrades – Mercury!

Eclipses’ Equinoxes and Retrogrades – Mercury!

Hang in there…. 🙂

A short share of my musings.

I was having a ponder this morning about friends and clients here in Durban and scattered around the world who are experiencing very challenging circumstances in their lives over the last 2 months.  I got to thinking about some of them saying they don’t plug into this planetary stuff, others do, others are totally unaware.  Well in my personal view, whether you do or don’t, its all bigger than “you” and it is doing its thing ‘up there’ and some of us ‘down here’ feel it in different ways.   I feel there is a bigger picture playing out from the cosmos, the orchestrator and it’s all to up our individual consciousness of how well we are doing our life…

Growing in consciousness – which incorporates our beliefs learned, beliefs which are true for us personally, daily habits, feelings and actions.   When we start being aware on a daily basis self-monitoring observer of ourselves (hahaha and we have many ‘selves’) we can then decide to change, adapt or just say no.

Mercury, messenger of the gods, is the ruler of Gemini and Virgo. Mercury is the messenger in Astrology as it is in Mythology. It is the planet of day-to-day expression and communication. Mercury’s action is to take things apart and put them back together again. It is an opportunistic planet, decidedly unemotional and curious.

The little planet Mercury, when in retrograde,  which seems to challenge so many, I think is about giving us a rest time to really check in and see if we are aligning to our plan and vision for our life or are we plugging into the collective thoughts and ideas of the masses, including what we’re being told on TV, the news and newspapers. And it in turn turns our eye on the fearful things happening in the world which we believe we need to take in as part of our own life.  So are you  deleting in your mind those faulty informations and instead keeping your radar tuned to your frequency which works for you…. its lots of self awareness and faith and trust and discipline in your thoughts.

So it all comes back to turning within…. What am I feeling / expressing / and doing?   Based on my own Higher Wisdom to create the change I want to live, see and feel.  Keeping centered within my own wants needs and desires.  That’s the lesson of Mercury.

So now that Mercury is going direct again, I hope you’ve used this opportunity to re- calibrate your dial to your frequency.  Thank you Mercury …


Cell phones and EMF interference

I made an interesting discovery recently regarding my health.

I’ve recently been experiencing enhanced, what I call heart thumpings, at different times of the day (not at night).  I thought it might be my hormones out of whack so tried applying some extra natural progesterone.   Didn’t seem to help.

Then I thought, well you do BodyTalk, why don’t you just see what comes up around that?

So I duly did a session on myself and lo and behold, the interference from my cell phone came up interfering with some circulation in my capilliaries!  I can tell you I was quite taken aback as it pointed out my lackadaisical attitude about covering myself for that.  I used to have a really good shield on my phone and lost it 🙁   Didnt get around to putting another one on and so of course, over time these electro magnetic frequencies have had an effect on my system.  Coupled with all the wifi around enhancing the effects of EMF’s creates a double whamy!   So scratch scratching around I went to find similar protective devices I knew I had somewhere, to put on my cell phone, as well as wearing one as well… I have noticed a lessening in these thumpings and I’m going to be more aware to see any more difference so I’ll keep this updated.

I did dowse my phone’s field and found it went out 2 meters!   After the device went onto the battery of the phone, the field shrinked to about 15 cm.  Not bad…  🙂   (the word ‘shrank’ didnt seem to fit too well!) 🙂

So men!  Keep your cell phone away from your heart pocket please and ladies…. in your bags rather than on your person… and not too long attached to your ear either….

Easy to say I know, as I am definitely one of those whose phone is attached to her person!  and texting, I notice I hold my phone in my left hand more, where I do feel the vibration of the electricity.   The heart’s field goes out from the left side of your body so it is also impacting your metabolism in other ways.

Just be aware!


Is your back Eina?

life by


Is Your Back Eina?!
Imagine living this year with either no or reduced back pain?

… Getting “back” into a sport or activity you love, like gardening, playing with your children, your dogs, “back” into a happy social life, “back” into a happy relationship with your special ‘other’. Stop being grumpy….

There’s more to “just a sore back!”random

 So what’s keeping you “back”?
 What’s putting your ‘back’ up?
 What ‘weight’ are you carrying on your ‘back’?
 What’s on your ‘back’?
 Have you actually put it ‘behind’ you?

You can heal yourself!
Your back holds many stories about what’s going on in your life, your thoughts, your feelings.
When you’re feeling good, your back feels good, it’s supporting you, going with the flow of things. It doesn’t seek your attention. Your back is from your neck, through your shoulders and down to your coccyx or tailbone.

Can you wag your tail?dog1

However, when present challenges and old unresolved thoughts and memories are still living in the cells of your body, your back will hold onto them and remind you, either constantly or now and then. Eina! Ouch! Oops!

Ever seen a dog with a sore back – it has difficulty in keeping that smile on his face. dog 2And we’re just like them     🙂
Depending on how deep we took the “wounding”, is how chronically it reminds us every day.
And then added to this is the way you integrate deep breathing through your body which also makes a difference in whether you can move that pain. A sore back is your body’s way of letting you know that something is off, that you are not in alignment with you and your life.

microIs it time to find what it is and resolve it once and for all?

Let me paint you a picture of what’s going on in your body….painter
Imagine all your energy being used 100% of the time for defence purposes? Draining your energy bank to protect everything in and around that sore area? This means rallying up support and protection of all your muscles, tightening up to stand to attention, which means all your organs as well standing up rigidly to attention, which means your breathing comes to a standstill and what have you got?  A seriously sore immovable restricted back, hampering the joy of an active life, living on meds to relieve the pain so you can do some life 🙂 which gives you indigestion as well!

It also means, when you’re working on a project, only 50% of your focus is present, the rest, even though unconsciously, is directed at looking after your pain. How can you be creative with all these different aspects of you all following their own agenda?
What does this mean? It means time to have a serious board meeting with yourself, with my help, to address easily the core issues to unlock the stories “holding your back”.
If you already knew how to address problems in your life you would have found the solutions long ago. Most of the time people don’t know how to make changes, resolve issues and what to do to feel different or get different outcomes.
I can help you with this.

Clients are amazed how quickly their pain is either lessened or resolved completely.
Book some sessions with me today. Mobile +2731826576417 or

What does a session involve?

♥ You phone or email me
♣ We book
♥ You arrive (I work from Kloof and Morningside in Durban) (I can do sessions via SKYPE if you’re not local)
♣ We talk for a short time, I gather prelim info
♥ You lie on your back on my table (no getting undressed)
♣ You relax
♥ I do my thing
♣We interact
♥You get up, Smile
♣ I show you some other techniques you can do yourself to support your healing
♥ Perhaps book for a followup session (depending on how long you’ve carried this pain depends on how long it takes to resolve and how willing you are to see it and let it go)
♣ In time, if your body indicates it, I may suggest a supporting therapy elsewhere
♥Maybe do homework between sessions.

Your body with its aches and pains are there to show information to you. When you’re not ‘getting it” it shouts louder. Imagine trying to do something with someone continually interrupting and shouting at you….gets very tiresome!

Is it time to let this pain and suffering go?pain
To your wellness and happiness happiness happy

PS I also help with your animals.

Is your back Eina?

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Exploring Joy in our Life

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Exploring the joy in our lifejoy1

Hello again after a long absence!

How are you doing as we get towards the end of 2015?

I just had a thought! I realise I so love creating new banner headings with my photographs that I could quite easily just send this off with nothing else!   (by the way this picture above was taken at an art exhibition in Harare a couple months back – some very talented artists there – where we met up with friends, had tea and eats in the garden and waited to listen to the band…. well with beautiful timing, the electrity was cut off as the gates opened and the band eventually only got to play a couple hours later!) Such is life up there  )

Anyway, to get back into the world of all the wonderful people I’m continuously meeting, I decided its about time I share some of my insights with you.
snoopy joyHeart-felt Joy
The world, people in the world, seem to be experiencing less and less joy. And I’m talking about true joy, living it and expressing it truly from our hearts, at some stage in our daily life. People put on their smiley faces for other people, they do laugh and look happy but when I watch them, it’s as though they’re expressing a false joy, a mechanical response.

I was reading a friend’s book the other day and in it she mentioned how, through a set of circumstances in her life, she hadn’t laughed with joy for a long time, laughed where it was truly overflowing from her. Then she went for some energy healing and coaching, and a couple of weeks later at a coffee shop with some friends, she found herself giggling out loud, laughing deeply and realised she was “back”!

So I started to ponder this thing called joy. Or in Louise fashion, analyse it .

Through my Feng Shui and BodyTalk training I’ve studied the 5 elements – Fire, Earth, Metal, Water and Wood.
The animating principle of all these elements is the FIRE element.
It’s the spark that lights, ignites, expands, heats, warms, connects (electricity) passion, enthusiasm… love.
In ourselves, it’s the heart and where we experience the above, albeit sometimes fleetingly. “It is the Light within us”.

How many people today are just existing, lack something in their lives to be passionate about, just for themselves, that lights them up?

Most of all the Fire element is our connection to our god Source, the Divine, Spirit, or whatever term you’re comfortable with, and when we don’t feel that we are also disconnected from ourSelf, and therefore with everything else, life, people, nature – after all, everything connects or is plugged in to everything.
When we daily consciously develop a deeper connection with the Divine, you start to look and see a reverence for everything which starts the awareness of the Oneness of all… how whatever is reverberating in us, affects the dynamics in the world we see around us… ‘how’ you look at anything is how that anything ‘reacts’ or responds.

There’s a reason in the scriptures that Christ and the Sacred Fire/Heart is depicted in many different ways but always meaning the same – you hold within you the switch to higher connection.

(Just an aside… “I am my brothers Keeper”
When there is any unforgiveness in any aspect of your life, you are holding yourself and everyone else you have in your world, back, living a limited experience of life – from experiencing joy, abundance, love, support, magnificence. Make a new choice …..
Forgive, let go, and share instead, loving thoughts, emotions, words and actions … :-)

joy2Practice – with intention and attention and with deliberation….
Everyday, take time to sit quietly, if just for 5 minutes, focusing on your heart-space with the intention to feel the love of God for you and in you which is the petrol you need for the day.. magnetise that within you on your inbreath and on the outbreath radiate it out.  Set an intention for your day for experiencing Joy.

If you are struggling with a mind-set which is hijacking you from feeling peace and Joy there are various other practices and guidance’s I can help you with if you would like to experience another way of being.

Fire-up that ultimate engine in you…. you can find and remember that joy of you.

And for those who know – tap your cortices daily… it really helps to align and synchronise all your ‘brains’ – less brain fog, more clarity of thinking.

For the coming new year… clear your physical clutter!…re-new your spaces with new intentions … renew, replace, remove… dead, broken, old….Renew feng shui