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  1. Hi Louise, You most probably don’t remember me seeing that it is well over 20yrs ago that our daughters were school friends. I remember that you had plans to immigrate to Australia. Maroochydore or Perth? Did you go? I have been in Brisbane working as a palliative care nurse for 18yrs. I came across your your name this am whilst reading the Northlands Girls High School FB page. You were mentioned as a friend of Doreen Barker.I was at school with Doreen. Next year is our 50th school reunion so I intend being there for that. I usually visit SA every year.
    I was interested to see that your interests are so similar to mine. I had just finished watching ‘The sacred Science’ film and within 5mins went onto FB where I came cross your name and noticed that you were recommending watching it. I am very into holistic healing (have been all my life) and although I work in allopathic medicine,find many opportunities to share as much knowledge as possible. It sounds as though you have a established a wonderful healing ‘business’, and you still manage to look the same as you did 20+ yrs ago! Cheers, Evelyn.

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